Did you know that about 1 in 4 of us will experience depression severe enough to require treatment, or even hospitalisation, at some time in our lives?

People experience depression in many different ways, but perhaps the most prominent feature is a low or sad mood. Do you or a loved one feel lethargic; have trouble sleeping; not eating or over eating; feeling constantly tired or have pessimistic or negative thoughts or thoughts of self harm or even suicide? Have you or someone you know had difficulty making decisions, or have a complete lack or interest in things or people?

For some people a depressive reaction is triggered by a set of life events – for instance, divorce, separation, death, illness etc. Depression is not easy to snap out of but there are ways to gradually free yourself from this downward spiral. If you or a loved one have reached a place where you can no longer manage the effects of depression and day to day living then seek out treatment, find a Therapist who can offer you or your loved one the emotional support that you need.

There are various treatment plans that can be tailored for your own needs and requirements. Counselling can help you on the road to recovery, enabling you to reach a more positive future and to help you manage your life going forward.