People living with a family member may have noticed that their son, daughter, partner, mother, father, brother, sister, best friend, etc – may have lost their sparkle; their oomph; their desire to do things that may them happy. The person you are thinking of may be living with depression.

They may constantly be exhausted for no reason. They may feel that their get up and go, has got up and left them! The depressed person will gradually begin to lose their interest in their own hygiene and appearance – either wearing the same clothes; not washing; showering; caring for themselves, etc. Nothing seems to make them happy at all – laughter is a definitely thing of the past.

They will gradually withdraw from social gatherings, events, etc – coming up with excuse after excuse. They will miss deadlines at work and may even end up missing work altogether. They will be highly sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat or may not be able to cry at all.

They definitely will not be able to relax and will always dwell on the negative in everything. They will generally be feeling angry and frustrated for no apparent reason.

If this sounds familiar to you – then you are living with someone who is suffering with Depression. If Depression is not addressed through Counselling or another form of Talk Therapy it could lead to self-harming or suicidal ideations, or worse.

GET HELP before it escalates! No can has to continue living with depression.