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Etiquette Life Coaching

Etiquette Life Coaching services in Billericay, Essex

I offer strictly confidential and non-judgemental Life & Etiquette Coaching; which are essentially about helping individuals uncover their true potential by helping them overcome the obstacles and (self-limiting beliefs) that are stopping them from achieving their goals and ambitions.

Etiquette Coaching in brief is about helping clients find their inner WOW Factor so that they can shine and project charisma and magic in whatever it is they are doing.

The life coach definition is someone who is professionally trained who will help you maximise your full potential and enable you to reach your desired GOALS and DREAMS. They provide encouragement and a push so that you can fulfil your dreams and ambitions through self- discovery, improvement and growth.

Life Coaching is about helping individuals understand how they can achieve their goals and ambitions by exploring the obstacles that stand in their way. It’s about exploring the options and alternatives that are available which the client may not have explored or considered fully before. Life Coaching is different from other forms of psychotherapy in that it is future focused rather than past focused. In other words, it is not concerned with exploring childhood issues or dwelling on the past – which normally always have a bearing on the current/future.

As a life coach, I empower you to set your goals and establish accountability for your personal and professional success. Together we set the agenda, and I serve as an objective sounding board / a confidant helping to keep you focused and on track. I support you by helping you to stop your disruptive old habits and enable you to develop new practices that will help you to reach your desired goals. As an NLP Practitioner, we will be using lots of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practices and Techniques.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and NLP are similar yet different at the same time. CBT is a Counselling approach that looks to help you make sense of the problems you may be experiencing by using a framework to help you to consciously think of changes you can make; whereas NLP looks to change the underlying patterns so that the problems don’t reappear.

And because I am a CBT Counsellor as well as an NLP Practitioner, I will be able to help you by using whatever approach is necessary (i.e. whether using a Counselling approach or, a Life Coaching methodology).

So, NLP …. What is it exactly?

Neuro refers to our nervous system (i.e. NLP uses all the 5 senses; feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling).

Linguistic refers to how specific words and phrases mirror our mental worlds’ whilst at the same time our body language can massively reveals our thinking styles and beliefs.

Programming refers to how we can change our habits by upgrading our mental software (so to speak).

NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour (body language) to produce the results they do. NLP provides people with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by leaders in their field. In other words, by changing how we think we can literally transform what we think.

NLP can literally transform your life; by mastering powerful techniques of persuasion and negotiation.

So, the way you think about your goals is paramount. In other words; it is imperative that you think of what you do want and not what you don’t! WHY? … Because your subconscious brain does not understand negatives. That is where NLP can really help.

Some of the successes I have had with clients include (but are not limited to):
• seeking a better understanding of themselves
• evaluating their life
• living the life they want
• negotiating promotions and salary increases
• stopping feeling stuck in their life
• building self-esteem and self confidence
• overcoming bullying (children or adults)
• evaluating setting up a business after redundancy
• returning to work after a family break (e.g. raising a family)
• handling conflict situations (understand the difference between assertiveness and aggression)
• learning how to communicate more effectively (learning to communicate positively)
• helping clients understand how to manage and deal with anger
• positively addressing inequality at work
• breaking the glass / concrete ceiling at work
• handling positively male dominated work environments (or race / cultural issues)
• positively addressing work politics / handling personality clashes at work
• positively juggling work/life commitments.

Etiquette Life Coaching is about helping children and adults alike (as well as business leaders, managers, business owners, executives etc.) be perceived as the ‘super person of their life’.  In other words, it is about helping those individuals be perceived as the person having the most confidence, the most success, the most eloquent etc.

Etiquette Life Coaching is used by a growing number of businesses to enhance the performance of their owners, executives and managers.  It is a principally dynamic, present/future focused and strength-based form of human intervention. It is important to remember that effectiveness as an executive is inextricably linked to your ability to lead and motivate.

It is about helping individuals understand the basic rules of success; learning how to be assertive without being obnoxious; ambitious without being aggressive.  It is about learning how to focus on what you want to achieve rather than dwelling on what you do not want or fear might happen.

Modern Etiquette why does it matter? Modern Etiquette matters because it is how you (young or old) present yourself to the World. It matters at school, at work, at a party with family and with friends. It even matters to total strangers. If you master etiquette then you will be able to shine in all aspects of your life.

We have all become hermits! since lockdown and learning how to shine, with Modern Etiquette in a world that is dominated by technology and a bit crude, will give you an instant leg up in about any situation.

Etiquette is more relevant now than it ever was. It is for everyone – young and old alike. Some people believe that if you have money and are dressed well then you must have great etiquette. But actually that is not quite true!

Etiquette is about transforming your life and making a best first impression. It is literally about turning heads. It is about attracting the people you want in your life and learning how to empower yourself.

Let’s be honest who would not want to make the best impression, attract the right people into their life and live the life they truly wanted and dreamt of??

As an Etiquette Life Coach, I will help you turn heads – all for the right reasons! By focusing on these 10 key areas:

  1. Physical placement – how to walk into a room
  2. Facial control – the 3 second rule
  3. Personal presentation – what to wear and when
  4. Posture – how to sit, stand and walk confidently
  5. Voice – pitch, pace and intonation
  6. Body language – especially eye contact
  7. Charisma – what exactly is it?
  8. Handshakes and kisses – post Covid
  9. Hugs – post Covid
  10. The WOW Factor – how to look and feel WOW?

As an Etiquette Life Coach, I will also teach you how to be:

Powerful, empowering, inspirational, kind, witty, sophisticated, graceful, motivational, confident, brave and above all Charismatic.

I will also teach you how to network like a pro and target those you want to attract into your network as well as how to keep conversations going.

As an Etiquette Life Coach, for Children, I will help your child learn:

  • The Secret to Manners and why Manners are important and a great thing!
    • The 4 Magic words
    • Being Polite
    • Being Respectful
    • Responsibility
    • Kindness
    • Compassion
    • Being thoughtful
    • Helping others … just because!
  • How to represent themselves when talking to others
    • Greetings
    • Making a good impression
    • Eye contact
    • Punctuality
    • Conversations
  • What to say when ….and what to do when ….
    • Handling bullies
    • Dealing with gossip
    • Secrets – how to deal with them
    • Friendship troubles and problems – who to deal with them
      • Being left out
      • Betrayal
      • Jealousy
      • Best friends one day not the next!
      • The whole popularity thing
    • Dealing with conflict
  • Table Manners – no it’s not fuddy duddy!
  • Technology Etiquette
  • Social Media
    • Privacy and oversharing
    • Problems

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“I went to see Nadia after suffering from anxiety related to the Covid-19 outbreak. I’m a frontline worker and was suffering from severe panic attacks. After my first session I felt a massive relief and Nadia’s upbeat and positive vibe helped a lot.
After several sessions I learn coping mechanism and had a better outlook on life. I’m glad I found Nadia and would highly recommend.”


“Nadia really helped me see life differently and stay in that positive frame of mind after I had experienced a lot of low times in my life and didn’t know how to make it better. If you are still deciding whether to go to therapy I would highly recommend Nadia as her help can be life changing and get you back to the person you were.”


“When I met Nadia I was in a very low, dark place, was off work due to stress, With Nadia’s guidance I gradually got better and am now in a very good place. If anybody needs and wants help no matter what your situation Nadia is the lady to help you. Thank you so much I am so grateful for everything.”


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  • MA in HRM — Human Resources Management — (The University of Westminster, London)
  • BA in Business Administration and Economics (The AUC)
  • Diploma in Basic Employment Law (DLA Advance)
  • Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching (The ILM)
  • Certificates Part 1 and Part 2 of a 4 part EMDR training programme (EMDR Works, EMDR Europe). This enables me to work with Adult and Children.
  • Flash Technique & EMDR (Philip Manfield) 2020
  • Practitioners Course in CBT Counselling (Victoria Counselling and Training Services)
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling (Victoria Counselling and Training Services)
  • Certified Loss and Grief Counsellor (Victoria Counselling and Training Services)
  • Certificate in Creative Counselling (Creation Counselling Services)
  • Advanced Diploma in Hypnoanalysis (The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy working with Children (Lynda Hudson)
  • Advanced Analytical Hypno-Psychotherapy (The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) Practitioner (The Association of Meridian Energy Therapies AAMET)
  • FInsLM — Fellow of the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management)
  • Registered Member MBACP — of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)
  • Member of the CNHC’s Accredited Voluntary Register (Complementary & National Healthcare Council)
  • Fluent in Arabic
  • Fluent in Egyptian
  • Have an understanding of the Arabic and Muslim Culture.

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