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It is important to have a contract between a therapist and a client. This sets out practicalities such as how to contact each other between sessions should it be necessary, payment and emergency contact details etc. A written contract also makes clear the limits of confidentiality. What is said in a therapy session is of course confidential, however in cases where it is believed someone is in direct danger of harm this knowledge needs to be passed on.

The initial session will also cover issues such as what the client wishes to gain from therapy, previous experiences of counselling, and any particular questions or concerns they may have.

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I always send a reminder before a session.

All session information can be found here.

Yes, free parking is available outside the house. The cul-de-sac is in a private road.

All my contact details can be found by clicking here.
Yes, we walk in the local park (always subject to the weather).
Yes, Phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom
Yes, in house subject to my ‘Risk Assessment’.
  • Obviously, if you are attending only attend if you are healthy & have been following Government Guidelines.
  • Do not attend if you / anyone in your family has been ill recently.
  • You must wear a face shield / visor not a face mask – when attending f2f sessions. I will be wearing a face visor. I need to see your facial expressions. I charge £3 if you wish to purchase one from me.
  • You are required to complete my online forms prior to the session so that we don’t waste any of your session time form filing. You cannot attend a session before completing the form unfortunately.  I always email you the form before your 1st session.

Yes, the online form is strictly and used only under GDPR Regulations.

I always operate a strict 48 hour cancellation notice (regardless of sickness | weather conditions etc) – & this does not include Sundays or Bank Holidays. I always charge the full fee for late cancellations or changes.

No, shoes are not allowed in my house. But remember if attending to wear comfy clothes and socks so you feel as stress-free as possible.

  • When arriving please text to advise you are at the SIDE GATE (which will be open). But it’s essential that the previous client has left. Once confirmed, please make your way through the gate & the door will be open for you. 
  • Do not come through until advised and remember to please be considerate of other clients. 
  • Always remember to SANITISE as soon as you enter the room & again before you leave.
  • Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed with therapy and we have agreed the date and time of your session, I will then email you the invoice which must be paid to secure your slot. 
  • No session can be confirmed until the invoice has been prepaid. 
  • Once the invoice has been paid, I will then email you the Initial Consultation Form that needs to be completed prior to your 1st session so that we don’t waste your session time form filing. 
  • I also send out with the form, my T&C, my Risk Assessment document and the Ground Rules (Boundaries).
  • I cannot offer any refreshments under Covid-19. So always remember to bring some water.
  • No vaping is allowed.
  • Do NOT attend if you under the influence of drink or drugs. 
  • I cannot allow you to use the toilet – under Covid-19.
  • Please DO NOT attend a session knowing you have not paid or cannot pay for your session until a future specific date. It then becomes very embarrassing for the both of us!
  • Please kindly either pre-pay for the session or pay on the day.

Yes, I do. More information can be found on my contact page.

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