Blurred image of a client in a counselling session. I offer counselling in Billericay, Essex.


I help clients, in a private and confidential setting, explore a difficulty they may be experiencing, a distress they are going through, or perhaps their dissatisfaction with their life because of their sense of loss of direction and purpose.


Image of a lady suffering from PTSD. I offer EDMR therapy in Billericay, Essex. It is a highly effective treatment of trauma (PTSD).


EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing is a form of pyschotherapy that helps to liberate clients who are living in the past to move into a healthy and productive present. EMDR is highly effective for the treatment of trauma (PTSD), depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, pain including phantom pain and phobias.



Clinical Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a peaceful, pleasant state of complete and total relaxation and heightened awareness.  Hypnosis is not a sleep state nor a trance state.  It is just an altered state of consciousness and deep relaxation, where there is super concentration of the mind upon a single thought or idea to the exclusion of everything else.



I offer strictly confidential and non-judgemental Life and Executive Coaching which are about helping individuals uncover their true potential, by overcoming obstacles, thereby enabling them to achieve their goals and ambitions.


“Nadia was a godsend to us when we discovered that our son was feeling depressed. She saw him very quickly and immediately put into place a programme of support to help him. He was quite anxious about going to the sessions but Nadia helped him to feel comfortable and they quickly built up a supportive relationship. Between them they came up with realistic goals and solutions which enabled my son to see life more positively. He is no longer needs to see Nadia and seems much happier and settled. Though he knows the door is always open should he need extra support in the future.”

ES (2018)

“Nadia helped me out of a really emotional time where I was unable to focus on the positives. She has given me techniques to use in the future and I now feel stronger than I have ever done. Thank you Nadia!”

EM (2018)

“I first spoke to Nadia in 2016. I was devastated as the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life had just left me after a terrible row. I completely blamed myself and my self esteem was on the floor. When Nadia asked me to tell her 3 things I liked about myself I couldn’t think of one let alone three. After several weeks of counselling it became apparent that my issues were not just because of this event and what lead up to it and Nadia patiently helped me come to terms with many
experiences from my past.

Slowly I started to feel better with Nadia’s help – treating myself kindly for the first time in years…… but a certain person was still in my life off and on and I continued to fall into “the hole” time after time. Not only did I keep walking down the road but I continued to fall into the hole despite the hurt and physiological bruises I received.”

A year later and he left suddenly for good and broke my heart. To use the roundabout analogy, I was still on merry (?) go round even though he’d left the room, put the lights out and shut the door!

Thank god I was still seeing Nadia – she saved me from the deep pool of depression. With her help I have dropped a stone in weight, discovered that it’s ok to treat myself to massages and beauty treatments and no longer blame myself for everything that went wrong in my relationship.

Nadia has helped me to recognise who are my true friends as opposed to those who are not and I am eternally grateful to my family and those true friends for being there for me through all this. But best of all, with Nadia’s help and the support of my family and friends I can report that my heart is healed and my self esteem has been restored – something I never thought I’d say a year ago.
So it’s onwards and upwards – thank you Nadia – I’m so glad I contacted you.”

JDH (2018)

“I went to Nadia after struggling to cope with a break up and she was quickly able to identify that I had a mild form of depression.  She was able to help me through this and completely changed the way I see myself and other people. I am now confident that I have the means to deal with future problems in a much more effective and positive way.  Very highly recommended.”

JM (March to April 2018)

“When I started talking to Nadia I was very depressed and felt I couldn’t talk to anyone.  Nadia gave me techniques and advice to build my confidence and to help me start to enjoy life again.  Nadia helped me through hard times and was able to support me with decisions about family, University and my career.  Nadia always did her best to be there when I needed her and I know if I need to, I can go back to her for advice.  Nadia helped me to understand myself and my feelings and I’ll always be grateful for that.  I would highly recommend Nadia to anyone suffering from anxiety and depression.”

LH (2017)

“Nadia has helped me significantly deal with my crippling anxiety and depression issues. Nadia is easy to open up to and has an understanding and sympathetic approach. She has a calming quality and is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of this horrible and debilitating illness. Nadia has helped me to feel stronger and more confident in myself and after every session I would walk out feeling more positive , motivated and excited about putting  into action the strategies Nadia gave me to deal with my worries and insecurities. I would definitely recommend Nadia if you are looking for a councillor to help you deal with any mental health issues!”

PH (2017-2018)

“I was heavily suffering with anxiety which was affecting all aspects of my life.  I found it difficult to go to work, socialise with friends or even just go to the shops for a pint of milk. I searched for a counsellor and found Nadia from her website, where her background and expertise ticked all the boxes.  After a few sessions, Nadia explained how the brains works and anxiety is created using her own personal experiences.  She then showed me how to cope with controlling my own anxiety using many different techniques and then set about getting to the root of the cause through EMDR and further counselling.  I’m now able to go about my life normally and control my anxiety thanks to Nadia’s help, thank you!”

AM (2017 - Ongoing)

“Nadia helped me a great deal by providing coping mechanisms to help control my symptoms. Following my few sessions with Nadia, I have had an amazing confidence boost and have gone on to achieve things I would never have considered. Nadia helped to realise how bad I was getting and gave me all the right tools to turn my life around.”

ER (2017-2018)

“I was initially very apprehensive about coming to Nadia for counselling, but she soon put me at ease.  I have been very impressed with every session I have attended.  Nadia doesn’t make any judgments and is very supportive.  She will, however, point out where improvements can be made, and doesn’t shy away from difficult topics.  At each session, I am made to feel as if I am her only client, and I appreciate that this must be extremely difficult, when she has many varied clients at any one time.  I would not hesitate in recommending Nadia as a Counsellor, if anyone were to ask.”

Client A (November 2017)

“Nadia helped and supported us when our teenage daughter suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia.  We highly recommend Nadia as she was a huge positive influence on us as a family during this difficult time.  Using her skills and personal experience she has got us through this problem and our daughter is now able to take part in normal daily life.  Nadia is an expert in her field and will guide you along your own personal journey.  Highy recommended!”

JE - Child Agoraphobia (Jan to March 2018)

“I started having sessions with Nadia in 2016, as I was struggling to deal with past and present issues and had run out of options of how to cope/deal with them.  I can happily say after a long stretch of sessions and working on myself with techniques given to me by Nadia, I am someone I never thought I would be! I can never repay Nadia for all that she had done for me.  Still now almost a year on, I feel Nadia is still there with me pushing me through and coping just seems like a second nature now. Instead of the burden on my life that it was, I am happy, healthy and excited for my future again. Don’t battle depression alone and let it take control of you, take that hand that is waiting for you and let Nadia help. I was very nervous when I first started coming, it is to be expected. It was actually my partner that found Nadia and made the call and arranged my first session.  But once I met Nadia, all those nerves went away and I would look forward to my sessions. My advice to anyone would be, be prepared to work on yourself, both in your sessions and outside. This is your life you want to change and up to you to take control of it and with Nadia’s skills you can do it!”

CP - (2016 to 2018)

“I came to Nadia at Goals Solutions because of a lack of confidence when taking exams.  Within just 5 sessions and through a mixture of visualisation techniques and hypnotherapy, I sat recent mock exams and I felt like a new person!  I also sat in the seat that I hadn’t felt confident with in the past, but felt fine because of my visualisation. Thank you so much Nadia for all your help.”

ER - Young Adolescent (2017)

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your help and support over the past four months.  The turnaround in my overall well-being is remarkable and I cannot thank you enough for putting me back on the right path.  When I met you my head was full of negativity resulting in me falling into a self-destruct mode, whereby I was drinking far too much alcohol, eating badly, smoking and piling on weight.  These behaviours affected my relationship and resulted in a lot of self-hate and guilt, as the risk this posed to my health would have eventually affected my young daughter as she could have been left with an ill, or even worse, without a mother.

I really do not know how you do what you do but you have totally turned me around, whilst I appreciate work is still in progress, the changes I have felt in the past few months are substantial and I know this is down to your delivery of effective counselling and life coaching.  I have stopped smoking, dropped 1st 3lbs and I only drink a sensible amount on a Saturdays for social occasions.  It’s a miracle and I cannot believe this is me as I have wanted to operate like this for many years but couldn’t find the focus or drive to change.

Your work is amazing!  I am still baffled how you do what you do, but wow it works!  I feel a different person – thank you so very much.  What has really helped me is your open door policy, which allows me to text or email you to update you with my progress and achievements, making me feel I am not alone.  You have also provided advice and guidance outside of my sessions to ensure I stay in the right direction between meetings.

This new way of life is so much easier than the old one, as I have more energy and inner happiness. I still have a way to go yet, but hey I am getting there, and am confident I will do with your ongoing support.”

DR (2017 - Ongoing)

“By seeing Nadia, I have felt my life has changed in a way because of being able to learn and know what emotions cause me to act and do what I do.  I have been through some very stressful situations but have come out the other side with Nadia being my therapist.  I have moved on now and don’t see Nadia as my therapist, but as my life coach.”

PW (2016 - 2017)

“Nadia has a professional approach with great understanding and knowledge for severe depression and anxiety, offering many different techniques.  Nadia is extremely supportive, helpful and flexible with her strategies and I would highly recommend her for anyone suffering with this illness.”

LG (August 2017)

“Since having therapy with Nadia I have achieved more than I ever thought I could.  I’m in a much better place mentally and have more faith in my future.  Confidence is key in life and she can definitely help with that.  I have and would highly recommend.”

NT (October 2017)

“I came to see Nadia for advice on how to deal with a family separation with Children involved. I found her advice and support very helpful and it provided the tools I needed on how to approach my/our difficult circumstance. The result was a smoother separation which I believe helped lessen the potential negative impact on my children.

Further more Nadia and I spoke about my business of which I found her knowledge and second opinion very valuable which I have implemented into my business which has provided a positive response from my staff.

In short Nadia is very experienced in her field and can offer a wide spectrum of support and advice regardless of your reason(s) for contacting her.”

GE (2017-2018)


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