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“I started therapy late last year and didn’t know what to expect.  But wow! Although I still have a long way to go, the talking therapy and EMDR with Nadia is really helping me on my journey. Thank you, Nadia!”

“I was going to say thank you BUT I feel that doesn’t even begin to cover it .

I feel that even just after one session life seems a bit more positive and maybe, just maybe, with your help, I’ll be able to move forward.


“I came to you for counselling and EMDR sessions due to persistent, traumatic flashbacks and anxiety/depression. I was due to get married and completing a masters in psychology while tutoring.

We talked a lot about my career options and whether I should pursue volunteering at Childline due to my past. Well, in the end, I decided to try volunteering at Childline and, as I had had the EMDR sessions with you, my mental health was in a really good place, despite some of the distressing contacts I had.  It was a really rewarding experience and I’m so pleased I was able to do it at that time. There is no way I could have done that volunteering without the work I had done with you. I am SO much better at self-care and have so much more confidence than I did before.

I also completed my psychology masters with my dissertation focusing on mental health support in secondary schools. I am pleased to say that I passed my masters with distinction and was even invited to publish my dissertation.

Then I found out that I was pregnant. My little boy is nearly two now and I have never been happier. I absolutely adore being a mum and I am so glad that I took the time to work on my mental health in such an intense way before I had him.

In our sessions we also talked about whether training to become a psychologist after my masters would be the right path for me. I realised how much my priorities have changed. Then I remembered how we talked about the possibility of me starting my own business with a focus on psychology and how I could incorporate this in my life. Well, I’ve decided to give it a shot.

Before our work together, I would not have had the confidence to put myself out there and risk potential failure but here I am giving it a go…! 

Thank you so much again for all of your help.”

“Life changing. I have had so many different therapies in the past which helped me slightly tolerate situations whilst still feeling distressed.

After these sessions, I was able to face life and all of the situations I used to avoid with confidence and no distress at all. I wish I had come across these sessions sooner and would recommend them to anyone with trauma.

Nadia provides such a safe space where you are heard and are supported.”

I came to Nadia feeling very anxious and lacking confidence in myself, being in a relationship I didn’t want to be in and stuck in a toxic family member loop.

However, after 11 months, she has really helped me to start to build that confidence up, have a more optimistic outlook on life and begin to live my life for myself, rather than for other people. Having built these attributes, I am in a much better place and know when to put myself first in the future.

I am so thankful for her and would definitely recommend her as a counsellor!!

“I went to see Nadia following the trauma of losing of my mum at an early age. I suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and depression for the majority of my life and decided to do something about it. After having EMDR therapy, it has become clear that the way I was feeling was not only due to losing my mum but how the people surrounding me dealt with that trauma and the impact that had on me.

Nadia has equipped me with the tools to change my way of thinking and helped me to understand that I am worthy of love and so much more. I now have the ability to put the past behind me and start living my life for me and my family without looking back. Her understanding, empathy and calmness makes it so easy to share your emotions and thoughts. I cannot recommend her enough. She has changed my life. Thank you just isn’t enough for what she has done for me.”

“I was totally lost, confused and at my lowest after having my baby. I found Nadia and am truly grateful I did. Nadia has helped me work through a lot of trauma that had built up for many years. Through EMDR and with her just listening and helping me talk through things I am in a totally different and better place.

I can say without a doubt Nadia has saved my life, and helped me enjoy life again.

Nadia is great listener, very compassionate and listens without judgement.

I am truly grateful I found her.”

“I went to Nadia on my first session with very bad anxiety that had been going on for about 6 years. It was due to a trauma I had. Nadia recommend EMDR treatment and I had 3 sessions and I haven’t looked back since! It’s been nearly a month since my final session and I’m on top of the world! Nadia has changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful  for her kind support. I highly recommend Nadia and you feel very welcome from your first step into her calming room.”

What can I say: I have been seeing Nadia for 4 months, because of my anxiety which I have suffered all my life, I had an attack on the motorway about 5 years ok and have not manage to drive on a motorway since? in January I was determined to get the situation under control and was recommended by a friend to see Nadia. after 4 month and 12 EMDR sessions I managed at the weekend to drive on the motorway which made me feel ecstatic. Nadia has not only helped with this situation but has also change my mindset, so I feel more confident in myself, Nadia has taught me to be more positive about myself. as the saying goes “Find your peace and everything will fall into place” I cannot thank you enough Nadia you are amazing!

“I started seeing Nadia 6 months ago. Main issue being anxiety. If I’m honest I’ve probably had it for years and just tried to ‘deal with it myself’.

Lockdown did not particularly exasperate the anxiety but I had much more time to think about it and decided I’d had enough. I can honestly say that seeing Nadia that first time made me turn a corner.

The first session pretty much got to the bottom of my anxiety. As the sessions moved on, without me even really knowing she is doing it, she taught me to change the way I think about things. She taught me to be positive.

You just need someone like Nadia to help you re-focus. I couldn’t do it on my own, although I’ve tried for more years than I’d like to admit.

Thank you Nadia!”

“Only a few sessions I needed to help me get me on my way. Your expertise has really helped me. Thanks again!”

“Getting therapy has changed my life, since working with Nadia, I am open and confident and am able to understand myself. Nadia has opened my eyes to discovering and understanding the spectrum that I am on and how my mind works because of it. With her help, I’ve been able to get a better handle with dealing with my metal health and with life in general. She is truly great at what she does! She is not only patient and kind but she is also understanding and supportive.”

“Nadia really helped me and my wife get through a difficult patch with positive thinking and great advice and direction given.”

“I cannot recommend Nadia enough. With her help over the past 6 months my niece has blossomed from an extremely anxious and introverted girl into an amazing young woman who is now socially confident enough to apply for and get a job she enjoys and is thriving in. Nadia has given both my niece and us her family, a huge amount of support on all levels, her advice has been invaluable. Thank you Nadia for your continued support.”

“A few months ago, I was in a really bad place and was feeling like I didn’t know what to do. A family member had recommended Nadia as they had suffered with anxiety and now I am doing the same. I cannot recommend Nadia enough as she helped me through probably the hardest time of my life. I feel so much better about myself and I went from dreading the future to looking forward to it!

If you’re ever feeling like there is no hope and you feel lost, there is always someone that can help you and Nadia is definitely one of them!”

“Very kind and helpful. Helped me figure out a lot about myself and how to deal better with the things around me recommend greatly.”

“What a lovely lady! Nadia has helped me over the years with so many obstacles I’ve faced. Giving me different ways to overcome anxiety and make life choices. I have visited Nadia many times and always feel at ease as soon as I arrive. The environment is relaxing and I know I can turn to Nadia as and when I need support and advice. Truly professional but with so much compassion for her clients. Thank you Nadia!”
“My daughter and I first came to Nadia lost, scared and confused. My daughter had been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 14 and had been self-harming in lockdown. I think I always knew my daughter was somehow different to my other children even from toddler age. I felt a lot of guilt because I don’t think I ever knew how to handle her in the right way. I always felt totally and utterly exhausted by my daughter. I didn’t understand my daughter which made me feel even worst as a parent. 

“Nadia has since shown me how someone on the spectrum can think and do things very differently, this has helped me gain a better understanding from my daughters perspective. Nadia has made my daughter embrace her ADHD and not feel embarrassed by it. It’s been a journey for both of us and one we’ll continue. 
“Our sessions with Nadia have given us hope and a better understanding of each other . My relationship with my daughter is the best it’s ever been and that’s all down to Nadia. I honestly couldn’t thank her enough.”

“Nadia is absolutely amazing.
I was completely lost, spiralling out of control, with my head spinning and confused thoughts. Some even negative and even worse! I found complete solace in Nadia and her therapy. She provided confidence when I need it and trained me to cope and manage myself effectively.

I’m so grateful for the EMDR practice we performed together through our sessions. The wisdom and supportive nature of Nadia is the best I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t recommend her high enough.

Thank you Nadia”

“After years of thinking about counselling I started to visit Nadia. I was skeptical and nervous but within just 1 session I was totally put at ease. Nadia has helped me overcome confidence issues, giving me new ways to help overcome anxiety. When I feel down, nervous or anxious I’m always confident that Nadia will be able to help. So grateful and I couldn’t recommend her enough!”

“When I think back to my first sessions I was so unaware of what to expect. I was even a little sceptic after trying several counsellors, without success. I can safely say I found the best of them with the Billericay Counsellor. It wasn’t just the professional approach, but also the way Nadia would customise our session and gently support and nature me to grow within the sessions. I had never heard of EMDR training, but Nadia directed me through this journey, overcoming my PTSD and trauma.

If you want a professional counsellor, you have to see the Billericay Counsellor.”

“Nadia has been a hugely important factor in my life over the past two years.

I started seeing Nadia in the months leading up to my wife’s death and she helped me immeasurably in dealing with the huge range of emotions I was experiencing of being a father, husband, carer and full-time worker.

Since my wife’s death, Nadia has helped me to put the pieces of my life back together and the knowledge that her calm, powerful professionalism will be there for me every step of the way is of huge comfort.

Thank you Nadia.”

“I can’t appreciate Nadia’s support enough whilst going though a difficult period mentally in my life currently.

Nadia is a great listener. I feel comfortable talking about various issues that are hard for me to bring up without being judged. She is very compassionate and has a great amount of patience as we go through different periods of my struggles.

It’s important for me to look at situations with a more positive mindset. Previously I have been quite hard on myself which lead to poor mental health. Nadia helps me manage different situations with a down to earth approach. She is honest and considers all points of view.

I feel very at ease and relaxed at Nadia’s clinic. She guarantees a warm welcome always and the environment is very relaxing for people and children of all ages.

I really would recommend Nadia’s services to anyone who is struggling with their mental health, whatever the reasons (big or small).

Thank you Nadia 🙏🏼”

“To put it simply I think Nadia saved my life 2 years ago after suffering with PND. She’s understanding, she listens and helps using realistic solutions, that actually work.”

“I went to see Nadia after suffering from anxiety related to the Covid-19 outbreak. I’m a frontline worker and was suffering from severe panic attacks. After my first session I felt a massive relief and Nadia’s upbeat and positive vibe helped a lot.
After several sessions I learn coping mechanism and had a better outlook on life. I’m glad I found Nadia and would highly recommend.”

“During summer last year I lost my wife after a four year battle with cancer. Her death left me a single father of three young girls and struggling to comprehend and accept everything that had happened.
I had started seeing Nadia in the months leading up to my wife’s death. She helped me immeasurably in dealing with being a father, husband, carer, full-time work and the grief and a huge range of other emotions I was experiencing.
Since my wife’s death, Nadia has also been working with my daughters and has been helping me put the pieces of our lives back together again. It is of huge comfort knowing that her calm, powerful professionalism will be there for me and my girls every step of the way.
Thank you Nadia.”

“Nadia, has been a fantastic support and guided me and my family through the most challenging times. She is a great listener and voice of reason that helps rebuild mental strength to get through hard times and reach your goals. I am eternally grateful.”

“Nadia really helped me see life differently and stay in that positive frame of mind after I had experienced a lot of low times in my life and didn’t know how to make it better.

Going into the last stretch before my A Levels I really needed help to worry less and find the joy in things again and even just talking it through with her felt like a weight was lifted. Her advice made me realise what is important in life and it helped me adapt to changes in my life in a better way, it made me feel as if I am not alone and that everyone goes through tough times.

I would definitely recommend her to friends and family as she put me at ease and made me feel comfortable to share things I wouldn’t normally share, the family sessions also really helped my relationships with my parents which I am so grateful for.

If you are still deciding whether to go to therapy I would highly recommend Nadia as her help can be life changing and get you back to the person you were.”

“I can thank Nadia for so many things, I began my journey over two years ago in a bad place working abroad, my first appointment was over the phone on a horrible cold day in Sweden. I had zero self-confidence, was constantly exhausted putting on a facade pretending to be “normal” to the rest of the world and was totally miserable.

Constantly anxious and suffered with waves of depression. After my first call with Nadia it was like an injection of hope that things will get better. Over a period of calls and eventual meets she helped dig down to the root problems, and for the first time in my life discussed these problems in a totally open and welcoming atmosphere in her lovely home.

I think it was about a year later with the self-confidence gained I was able to have enough courage to write a letter to a particular family member who caused a lot of these issues as an end point of our relationship. The rippling effects of this letter have been incredible it’s been an enormous weight off of my shoulders, closure and has given my close family the confidence to also cut this person out of their lives.

I continued to see Nadia as I left work to pursue a master’s degree in Vehicle design, once again she helped me with the many of the hurdles of the degree, from aspects of it being ok that I wasn’t enjoying it and this is a small journey in my life that will lead to bigger things, to techniques in getting over my fears in presentation’s and public speaking.

Nadia has an excellent bit by bit technique, slowly implementing this got me from not going to the gym at all, to going 3/4 times a week for a really long period of time, the effects of this were huge the exercise was really good for my mental and physical health and sometimes I couldn’t believe that I was fitting in a quick workout before meeting friends for dinner which is something I never did.

Nadia’s openness and honesty have helped me beyond these words, I am growing as a person she has given me a toolkit that I can look back on a reference when times get tough, I am now starting to use negative thoughts / comments from people as a motivator towards my work instead of a spiralling into anxiety / depression.

I know I would not be where I am today without her.”

“Very helpful to my daughter who was feeling very low and anxious and gave her advise in order to deal/ control her panic attacks! Big thank you!”

“I made an appointment to see Nadia over a year ago at a desperate time due to severe insomnia. Desperate to sleep, I tried a number of different solutions but it was the sessions with Nadia which made an immediate impact and saw my sleep improve instantly. Sleep returned and we began to deal with the underlying problems of depression and anxiety.

Nadia helps you to question your negative thoughts and realise that they are wrong. My time with Nadia has completely changed my outlook and approach to mental health.

I no longer need to see Nadia every week but I like to have ‘maintenance sessions’ to ensure the bad habits don’t return. Nadia gave me hope when I was desperate and gave me answers to my problems which meant that I didn’t need to take medication.”

“It’s all about the journey and what a journey I’ve been on.

You name it, it happened. Tumours on top of tumours and over my life I had developed complete doubt in about every aspect of my life. Feels strange saying that, as an entrepreneur, owner of many successful business etc. However, my insecurities were handsome!

Now, I can say that with confidence because through my time with Nadia she managed to break down my mind, re-educate my brain pattern and most importantly release the pain / torture I had inside.

It wasn’t easy. Nadia also gave me processes, task and objectives to work on whilst not in our sessions. I will admit to anyone. The journey the universe takes on is an interesting one, the hardest test of times. I viewed this as challenge, a mountain to climb, race to run or fear to overcome. I listened to Nadia, absorbed and went away with tasks to overcome. Simple things:
• Reflect
• Surround myself with people that love me
• Write down my thoughts
• None stressful tasks

I gave up all work and began labouring, digging holes etc I also had a lot of frustrating and if you can chop wood, really frees the mind.

Within time, confidence and more importantly the inner believe emerged. With additional help from friends, family and the universe life came back to normal. When you start your journey, you may not feel there’s a way out, but trust me and listen! It won’t be easy, but seek the right counselling, the best counselling (Nadia) the right friends and family and take little steps. All will return and even better than before. You’ll be thankful one day for the journey.

For me my mind mapping has made me feel a better a person. I could never show love, joy before. I was always a chatty happy guy, but tumours had blocked the real me. Because of Nadia I feel love, happiness and look forward to what the universe has next for James.

If Tiger Woods is worlds best sportsman, Nadia “The Billericay Counsellor” is the Tiger Woods of therapy.

Much Love Nadia.”

“Wow, all I can say is I am so glad I found Nadia. I actually contacted her a few months prior to starting therapy but due to my anxiety never followed through with the appointment. A few months later I found the courage to go and I’m so glad I did!

It has changed my life for the better. I found Nadia a warm, caring and genuine person. She challenged me and allowed me to open up and explore some of the issues that I never even realised were there. With her help over the last year my life is completely unrecognisable.

While some of the challenges I’ve faced haven’t been easy, with her help I’ve found the strength I have needed to face every challenge head on and now can be excited for the future instead of dreading every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nadia, I will always be grateful for how you’ve helped me.

To anyone reading this don’t let anxiety stop you from taking the step to get help. Nadia will change your life for the better.”

“I found Nadia at a very low point in my life following the death of my father and the emotional turmoil this brought up. I felt lonely, vulnerable and a complete mess.

What Nadia does is guide and support, she helps you work things out for yourself by helping you face up to your problems and yourself whilst reminding you of your value and self worth.

Luckily I came through this time quite quickly but I know that I have learnt some really valuable lessons and techniques going forward. I would not hesitate to consult Nadia again or recommend her to others. Thank you for your care and guidance!”

“Nadia worked closely with one of my team who was struggling.

Over the last 8 months she has allowed him to fully understand and successfully deal with the challenges he is facing.

She has also given him the tools needed to self-manage these challenges now and for the future and this is an outcome that both he and and are truly grateful for.

Nadia has made a genuinely positive impact on this individual and I know that he is much stronger and more ready to face the world because of her input.”

“When I met Nadia I was in a very low, dark place, was off work due to stress, With Nadia’s guidance I gradually got better and am now in a very good place.

If anybody needs and wants help no matter what your situation Nadia is the lady to help you. Thank you so much I am so grateful for everything“

“When I went out on a limb and contacted Nadia last year, because I was so tired of my anxiety and low self esteem, I never could have imagined the effects she will have on my life. At the most I thought maybe she will listen to me and make me feel better for an hour, but she actually blew me away with her knowledge, kindness and support.

Between Nadia and my own self reflection and work, my life is so incredibly different – I fell calm, happy, tall and strong, I see the bright side of things now and I went from hating my job and wanting to give it up, to loving and embracing my vocation more than ever.

Understanding that how I react to things and people in my life is entirely my choice, that I can choose how to feel about it really was eye opening and incredibly powerful stuff.

It’s unbelievable how much a few tweaks in my thoughts have had so far reaching effects. I am so grateful to Nadia for helping me, I absolutely loved our sessions and at the moment it does feel like the sky’s the limit; I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

“The help and care I have received from Nadia has been life-enabling. I had a specific anxiety but, through sessions with her, I was able to overcome this anxiety to a degree I didn’t think possible. Nadia is a good listener, considers what you have to say, helps address your problems and gives you skills to maintain the progress you make. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nadia.“

“I first started seeing Nadia for counselling in November 2018 due to issues with anxiety, depression, self esteem and unresolved trauma. After several weeks of counselling, Nadia suggested that I try EMDR therapy to help with persistent negative thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks and panic that I was experiencing.

Before starting the therapy, Nadia was very honest about what EMDR would entail and directed me to further information about it so that I was well informed before making a decision whether to go ahead with it. Although it sounded intense, I had built up a good rapport with Nadia during our counselling sessions and trusted that she would be the right therapist to help me reprocess my traumatic memories through EMDR.

Now I have completed the therapy I can honestly say that it was the best thing I have ever done. In addition, the therapy uncovered emotions and memories that I have never been able to access or process before in other therapies. I have stopped having persistent nightmares and flashbacks and I am no longer controlled by feelings of intense guilt. Overall, I feel more present, capable and peaceful in my day to day life.

Nadia was extremely supportive throughout the therapy and her non-judgmental and caring approach really allowed me to move forward in my life. Thank you Nadia!”

“I only saw Nadia on 2 occasions but that was all I needed. Simply put, she is a miracle worker. She figured things out about me which I was too scared to admit to myself. She delved right down deep to get to the root of my anger, anxiety and slight self-loathing.

Because of what she taught me, my can’t do attitude turned into a can do attitude which resulted in me landing an amazing job in London allowing me to hand in my notice at a job which was breaking me down.

For now I am okay on my own but I will see Nadia again in a heartbeat when I start to struggle and I know she’ll help me regain all my strength and self worth.

Thank you, Nadia. You are an inspiration.”

“I was extremely sceptical about seeing another therapist more fundamentally I was also pessimistic about the possibility of being happy. My scepticism was proved right. Nadia helped me get to the origins of deeply embedded negative thought patterns of self worth, which was essential in enabling me to change my thought process and look at why I felt the I did from a different perspective.

Nadia was emphatic and compassionate about my experiences as well as proactive in tasks to help teach me in how not to repeat history going forward, it gave me the confidence move forward in my life and live a life were I am happy and not affected by the constraints of my past.

I honestly can not thank Nadia enough and would highly recommend her.”

“I have been thinking very hard about how I can quantify the impact and effect on the treatment/counselling I have received. I have had years of different therapy by different people who have only ever scratched the surface….normally opening a can of worms and leaving it.

I can hand on my heart say what an amazing inspiration lady Nadia is, she challenges you into the some of the root causes and allows you with support to explore and review the thinking behind it. Her methodology and approach is person centred and holistic and allows you the time and space to “spill your guts” I am privileged to have her help me……. got the next exciting steps to work on.

A zillion trillion thank yous …..Nadia you are inspirational XXXXX”

“My experience with Nadia was a revelation! Following a complicated medical history over many years, I was feeling really low. I looked up many counsellors in my area and Nadia’s story really impressed me. I thought that, as she had experienced depression herself in the past, she would be able to understand me better.

I plucked up the courage to call her and was almost relieved when she didn’t answer ! It was an answering machine – and I didn’t leave a message! However, a short time afterwards, she called me back, so I couldn’t get out of it!

When I went for the first session, I found her very easy to relate to, in very relaxing surroundings. Puzzle the dog was great too! Nadia taught me, in a very short time, to be more positive and believe in myself. I think one of the best things I got out of the counselling was the fact that she encouraged me to get hearing aids. My hearing was damaged many years ago due to brain surgery, but I was reluctant to wear my hearing aids. I now have new hearing aids and they have already given me much more confidence. Thanks Nadia !

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nadia. She is a lovely lady and an excellent listener.”

“Ok people, I’m gonna be honest with you, you are literally on the website of the BEST therapist in the world. Like seriously I cannot put this into words to the extent I’m babbling, but that’s because of the sheer magnitude of the situation. Ok so you wanna change your life? You got issues and need help? Then there is literally one thing and one thing only to do right now, CONTACT NADIA. Contact her, contact her RIGHT NOW! Send her a message, and wait for her to get back to you. And when she does, take whatever session time she can give you, because to get to have her as your therapist is a golden opportunity. And when it comes to your session, don’t be nervous, BE EXCITED!! This is literally the day your life is gonna change forever! Seriously! So go for it, and remember how lucky you are to get this opportunity! (One important thing to say though, if for whatever reason you cannot make the session after all, please please tell her as soon as you know this, as her time is very precious and your unused session time could be somebody else’s golden opportunity, don’t worry she’s an incredibly understanding person, so if you can’t make it after all TELL HER!!).
And once you are at your session, RELAX! She’s incredible, there is no reason whatsoever to be nervous. Whatever it is you are therefore, don’t worry, she’s got you, she can handle it. Whatever it is that you are worried about telling her, JUST SAY IT! Believe me I’ve told her things that would make most peoples hair stand on end, things that I thought I’d never tell anyone, and you know what? She didn’t even flinch! Because she’s had literally hundreds if not thousands of clients over her long lengthy time as a therapist, that she’s heard it all before.
Now here’s the most important things that I can tell you people, TRUST IN HER! And BE PATIENT!

You need to understand that one of the many things that makes Nadia so very special, is that she literally tries to help as many people as she can, so don’t expect to be able to have her attention 24/7, she’s incredible and puts so much into everybody, and you probably won’t wanna share her, and she does so incredibly well to put so much time and energy into everyone, but remember she is literally one person! One super awesome person, but still one person all the same! And I definitely didn’t really understand that fact properly until it was to late! So please don’t take her for granted or get impatient with her, she literally goes above and beyond for everybody!

So seriously people, if you want the best out of your life, then message her, message her right now! You won’t regret it. But seriously hoping for the best for anyone who is struggling, I know completely and utterly how unbearable it is when you’re in mental and emotional agony, so really and truly good luck all of you!
Oh and as for the fees, all I can say is if you can find a way to make it happen then do! It’s worth every penny and more! It may seem a lot, but you really are getting the best of the best, the creme de la creme! She is to therapy what Cristiano Ronaldo is to football, what Andy Murray and the Williams sisters are to Tennis, what Jimmy Hendricks was to guitar playing and what Michael Jackson was to pop music!
If in doubt, check out her many other testimonials, her crazy amount of qualifications and all her years of experience.
And once again good luck!”

“I am a student currently studying in London. I have been seeing Nadia for over a year she is incredibly friendly and welcoming. She has helped me change every aspect of my life from self confidence, crippling depression and anxiety. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her incredible help.”

“I went to see Nadia at the end of 2018 with regards to how I was feeling. Since I have been talking and opening up about how I feel it has enabled me to feel like my old self again. I would just like to say a huge thank you to Nadia for everything that she has done for me and making feel a lot happier in myself.”

“Nadia was a godsend to us when we discovered that our son was feeling depressed. She saw him very quickly and immediately put into place a programme of support to help him. He was quite anxious about going to the sessions but Nadia helped him to feel comfortable and they quickly built up a supportive relationship. Between them they came up with realistic goals and solutions which enabled my son to see life more positively. He is no longer needs to see Nadia and seems much happier and settled. Though he knows the door is always open should he need extra support in the future.”

“Nadia helped me out of a really emotional time where I was unable to focus on the positives. She has given me techniques to use in the future and I now feel stronger than I have ever done. Thank you Nadia!”

“I first spoke to Nadia in 2016. I was devastated as the man I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life had just left me after a terrible row. I completely blamed myself and my self esteem was on the floor. When Nadia asked me to tell her 3 things I liked about myself I couldn’t think of one let alone three. After several weeks of counselling it became apparent that my issues were not just because of this event and what lead up to it and Nadia patiently helped me come to terms with many
experiences from my past.

Slowly I started to feel better with Nadia’s help – treating myself kindly for the first time in years…… but a certain person was still in my life off and on and I continued to fall into “the hole” time after time. Not only did I keep walking down the road but I continued to fall into the hole despite the hurt and physiological bruises I received.”

A year later and he left suddenly for good and broke my heart. To use the roundabout analogy, I was still on merry (?) go round even though he’d left the room, put the lights out and shut the door!

Thank god I was still seeing Nadia – she saved me from the deep pool of depression. With her help I have dropped a stone in weight, discovered that it’s ok to treat myself to massages and beauty treatments and no longer blame myself for everything that went wrong in my relationship.

Nadia has helped me to recognise who are my true friends as opposed to those who are not and I am eternally grateful to my family and those true friends for being there for me through all this. But best of all, with Nadia’s help and the support of my family and friends I can report that my heart is healed and my self esteem has been restored – something I never thought I’d say a year ago.
So it’s onwards and upwards – thank you Nadia – I’m so glad I contacted you.”

“I came to see Nadia for advice on how to deal with a family separation with Children involved. I found her advice and support very helpful and it provided the tools I needed on how to approach my/our difficult circumstance. The result was a smoother separation which I believe helped lessen the potential negative impact on my children.

Further more Nadia and I spoke about my business of which I found her knowledge and second opinion very valuable which I have implemented into my business which has provided a positive response from my staff.

In short Nadia is very experienced in her field and can offer a wide spectrum of support and advice regardless of your reason(s) for contacting her.”

“I’m very happy I found Nadia when I needed help with physical issues, my GP told me were triggered by something mental. It turned out I was at the start of depression (PND) and with tools and help from Nadia I was able to stop it in its tracks and reverse it. The physical issues are following its lead now as well, by using the said tools daily and everything as a whole is on the up now. I’m noticing changes in my behaviour, emotions and reactions. Family life has gotten much better as well and for one of my little ones to suddenly draw towards me, even lifting up the arms to be picked up by me, instead of just daddy is a very welcome bonus.”

“Nadia helped me a great deal by providing coping mechanisms to help control my symptoms. Following my few sessions with Nadia, I have had an amazing confidence boost and have gone on to achieve things I would never have considered. Nadia helped to realise how bad I was getting and gave me all the right tools to turn my life around.”

“Nadia has helped me significantly deal with my crippling anxiety and depression issues. Nadia is easy to open up to and has an understanding and sympathetic approach. She has a calming quality and is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of this horrible and debilitating illness. Nadia has helped me to feel stronger and more confident in myself and after every session I would walk out feeling more positive , motivated and excited about putting into action the strategies Nadia gave me to deal with my worries and insecurities. I would definitely recommend Nadia if you are looking for a councillor to help you deal with any mental health issues!”

“I approached Nadia at a very low point in my life after I would say hitting ‘rock bottom’ and wanting to seek help, at the time I was very depressed, suffered with anxiety and had very low self-esteem and no confidence whatsoever. I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done and I have been so lucky to have Nadia guide me on this journey and deal with so many issues that have held me back for a good part of my life. I have gone from dreading each day and being in a very dark place to waking with excitement about the future and full of confidence and energy, in a matter of months I have rebuilt my life, had positive feedback at work, presented to senior colleagues (this would have filled me with dread), got back into the gym and my hobbies and in the process of purchasing my first house, I walk around with my head held high now and most of all I feel proud of who I am. Thank you so much Nadia for making that smile reach my eyes at last ;)”

“I came to Nadia for help with depression following a relationship breakup and she helped me through this very well. I was able to change my perspective on how I saw things that really helped me work though my issues in a healthy way.”

“Nadia helped and supported us when our teenage daughter suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia. We highly recommend Nadia as she was a huge positive influence on us as a family during this difficult time. Using her skills and personal experience she has got us through this problem and our daughter is now able to take part in normal daily life. Nadia is an expert in her field and will guide you along your own personal journey. Highy recommended!”

“I went to Nadia after struggling to cope with a break up and she was quickly able to identify that I had a mild form of depression. She was able to help me through this and completely changed the way I see myself and other people. I am now confident that I have the means to deal with future problems in a much more effective and positive way. Very highly recommended.”

“I started having sessions with Nadia in 2016, as I was struggling to deal with past and present issues and had run out of options of how to cope/deal with them. I can happily say after a long stretch of sessions and working on myself with techniques given to me by Nadia, I am someone I never though I would be! I can never repay Nadia for all that she had done for me. Still now almost a year on, I feel Nadia is still there with me pushing me through and coping just seems like a second nature now. Instead of the burden on my life that it was, I am happy, healthy and excited for my future again. Don’t battle depression alone and let it take control of you, take that hand that is waiting for you and let Nadia help. I was very nervous when I first started coming, it is to be expected. It was actually my partner that found Nadia and made the call and arranged my first session. But once I met Nadia, all those nerves went away and I would look forward to my sessions. My advice to anyone would be, be prepared to work on yourself, both in your sessions and outside. This is your life you want to change and up to you to take control of it and with Nadia’s skills you can do it!”

“I came to Nadia at Goals Solutions because of a lack of confidence when taking exams. Within just 5 sessions and through a mixture of visualisation techniques and hypnotherapy, I sat recent mock exams and I felt like a new person! I also sat in the seat that I hadn’t felt confident with in the past, but felt fine because of my visualisation. Thank you so much Nadia for all your help.”

“When I started talking to Nadia I was very depressed and felt I couldn’t talk to anyone. Nadia gave me techniques and advice to build my confidence and to help me start to enjoy life again. Nadia helped me through hard times and was able to support me with decisions about family, University and my career. Nadia always did her best to be there when I needed her and I know if I need to, I can go back to her for advice. Nadia helped me to understand myself and my feelings and I’ll always be grateful for that. I would highly recommend Nadia to anyone suffering from anxiety and depression.”

“I was heavily suffering with anxiety which was affecting all aspects of my life. I found it difficult to go to work, socialise with friends or even just go to the shops for a pint of milk. I searched for a counsellor and found Nadia from her website, where her background and expertise ticked all the boxes. After a few sessions, Nadia explained how the brains works and anxiety is created using her own personal experiences. She then showed me how to cope with controlling my own anxiety using many different techniques and then set about getting to the root of the cause through EMDR and further counselling. I’m now able to go about my life normally and control my anxiety thanks to Nadia’s help, thank you!”

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your help and support over the past four months. The turnaround in my overall well-being is remarkable and I cannot thank you enough for putting me back on the right path. When I met you my head was full of negativity resulting in me falling into a self-destruct mode, whereby I was drinking far too much alcohol, eating badly, smoking and piling on weight. These behaviours affected my relationship and resulted in a lot of self-hate and guilt, as the risk this posed to my health would have eventually affected my young daughter as she could have been left with an ill, or even worse, without a mother.

I really do not know how you do what you do but you have totally turned me around, whilst I appreciate work is still in progress, the changes I have felt in the past few months are substantial and I know this is down to your delivery of effective counselling and life coaching. I have stopped smoking, dropped 1st 3lbs and I only drink a sensible amount on a Saturdays for social occasions. It’s a miracle and I cannot believe this is me as I have wanted to operate like this for many years but couldn’t find the focus or drive to change.

Your work is amazing! I am still baffled how you do what you do, but wow it works! I feel a different person – thank you so very much. What has really helped me is your open door policy, which allows me to text or email you to update you with my progress and achievements, making me feel I am not alone. You have also provided advice and guidance outside of my sessions to ensure I stay in the right direction between meetings.

This new way of life is so much easier than the old one, as I have more energy and inner happiness. I still have a way to go yet, but hey I am getting there, and am confident I will do with your ongoing support.”

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your help and support over the past four months. The turnaround in my overall well-being is remarkable and I cannot thank you enough for putting me back on the right path. When I met you my head was full of negativity resulting in me falling into a self-destruct mode, whereby I was drinking far too much alcohol, eating badly, smoking and piling on weight. These behaviours affected my relationship and resulted in a lot of self-hate and guilt, as the risk this posed to my health would have eventually affected my young daughter as she could have been left with an ill, or even worse, without a mother.

I really do not know how you do what you do but you have totally turned me around, whilst I appreciate work is still in progress, the changes I have felt in the past few months are substantial and I know this is down to your delivery of effective counselling and life coaching. I have stopped smoking, dropped 1st 3lbs and I only drink a sensible amount on a Saturdays for social occasions. It’s a miracle and I cannot believe this is me as I have wanted to operate like this for many years but couldn’t find the focus or drive to change.

Your work is amazing! I am still baffled how you do what you do, but wow it works! I feel a different person – thank you so very much. What has really helped me is your open door policy, which allows me to text or email you to update you with my progress and achievements, making me feel I am not alone. You have also provided advice and guidance outside of my sessions to ensure I stay in the right direction between meetings.

This new way of life is so much easier than the old one, as I have more energy and inner happiness. I still have a way to go yet, but hey I am getting there, and am confident I will do with your ongoing support.”

“My daughter came to see Nadia following several panic attacks, anxiety and some depression. She had some counselling sessions with Nadia and was committed to practising the techniques Nadia suggested to get her anxiety under control and increase her positivity. We noticed an improvement very quickly and now my daughter is nearly 100% anxiety free with no panic attacks. We will continue to practice the techniques to keep this positive outlook up. We were grateful for the care and attention Nadia gave our daughter, treating her as an adult, with respect and being firm but fair. She also showed genuine interest so that my daughter, always somewhat reserved, trusted her straight away and opened up very quickly. Thank you Nadia, we have our clever, lovely, bright, funny daughter back! :)”

“I was initially very apprehensive about coming to Nadia for counselling, but she soon put me at ease. I have been very impressed with every session I have attended. Nadia doesn’t make any judgments and is very supportive. She will, however, point out where improvements can be made, and doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. At each session, I am made to feel as if I am her only client, and I appreciate that this must be extremely difficult, when she has many varied clients at any one time. I would not hesitate in recommending Nadia as a Counsellor, if anyone were to ask.”

“Nadia [Wyatt] does an excellent job, she is a great listener and I couldn’t recommend her enough. I appreciate her attention to detail and how she is able to explain things so clearly and concisely. Thanks for doing such a great job!”

“Nadia has a professional approach with great understanding and knowledge for severe depression and anxiety, offering many different techniques. Nadia is extremely supportive, helpful and flexible with her strategies and I would highly recommend her for anyone suffering with this illness.”

“Since having therapy with Nadia I have achieved more than I ever thought I could. I’m in a much better place mentally and have more faith in my future. Confidence is key in life and she can definitely help with that. I have and would highly recommend.”

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for my daughter S. She has come so far and is almost unrecognisable from the mess she was back in September last year and even 2 years ago when she was self-harming. I have only ever wanted her to believe in herself, then everything she wants to be and achieve will come with that strength that she has always had inside. I am very proud of her.”

“Nadia was a great counsellor, very friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable with her, she is very easy to speak to which is exactly what I needed. With Nadia’s help I am now back feeling happy again. Would highly recommend her.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our session. I’m feeling already more in control of my drinking and I am absolutely going to stick to the contract. I look forward to how much I am going to tell you in our next session.”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me. Life is ever changing and exhaustion is never ending but the bottomless pit of depression has now left for now and the new issues that arrive (as they always do and will) are now more manageable using the tools that you have given me and the feeling of support from you has not left me. Having met you was a major turning point for me – thank you so so much. No doubt I may need you in the future and I hope that it will be OK to contact you for an appointment again. But for now I feel better able to cope. Very best wishes and thank you again.”

“I have always struggled with my fear of dogs and other animals. It was getting worse with age and was stopping me from living my life and has always been such a big obstacle for me. Nadia has shown me how to change my thinking and perspective on situations, and how by doing that I can overcome my anxiety and learn to move past it. I can now comfortably be in the same room as other animals and even touch them which is brand new territory for me. Nadia’s help has already changed my life so much and made me feel so much better about myself. I can now go about my everyday life without this constant fear of running into an animal on the street, now I can handle it. Thank you!”

“I wanted to lose weight but did not know how! With Nadia’s help and guidance – through Counselling and Hypnotherapy – I realised that the one key thing is I don’t miss anything that I have cut out from my life and that is definitely the key to my current success. It’s onwards and upwards from here and lots of it is thanks to Nadia for re-wiring my mindset and my thought processes. Money well spent in my opinion.”

“Nadia can’t be thanked enough for her help, guidance, support and understanding with a member of the family suffering with severe depression in a very difficult situation. Nadia has shown new techniques to help aid the family member with the extreme anxiety they also have to battle daily. This has given ways to work on the need for mental stimulation and physical strength to help their constant reluctance to get out of bed each day caused by this powerful illness. Nadia’s expert knowledge as a Counsellor, Therapist and Life Coach as well as her own personal experiences opened our eyes providing fresh motivation and gave us new hope. Nadia went above and beyond expectations, providing flexibility to instantly change strategies and plans due to changes in events and actions that were continuously faced due to the nature of this illness and sensitive situation.”

“I came to Nadia in desperate need of help. I had been battling with a phobia of sick/vomit since I was 4 years old and with age, my phobia had been getting worse and worse. It got to the point where I would avoid going out with friends, panic at the thought of a holiday approaching and I’d struggle to go out to the shops and walk through towns. I would tell myself someone was going to be sicker I’d see it. Even thinking about it would make me shake. I would study people, look at them to make sure they looked well so it was safe for me to walk past. If I ever overheard someone say they felt sick or make noises I’d associate with it, I’d run and have a panic attack. I wouldn’t care how silly I looked to people. I couldn’t face seeing it, hearing it smelling it. I would be so traumatised by someone so small; I’d create scenarios in my head; ‘what if I didn’t hear them say they felt sick and they threw up beside me? what if they were sick on me? What if they were sick on me? what if I saw it? It got the point where I would visualise myself dying if someone was sick by me and I wasn’t prepared to flee. I became someone neither me not my family recognised. I would think about it everyday. It was suggested to me by my family to see Nadia. After only 4 sessions, I can proudly say I no longer think about sick everyday. I have been able to go out with my friends. I am for once in my life looking forward to going on holiday. I have been able to look a things differently. I never thought I could turn my back on it. I am still going to find it gross as does everyone, but I won’t be scared. I now know it won’t hurt me. After looking back, I told Nadia that I felt silly, telling her in my 1st session that I was adamant I’d die. I now feel so much happier. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. It took over my life, but Nadia has changed it for the better and I couldn’t thank her enough.”

“Nadia listens, doesn’t judge and highlights what you haven’t seen. I see things now I never noticed before and I am more confident as a result.”

“Thank you for helping me through this tough time. I don’t know where I would be without meeting you. You are amazing at your job, your guidance has helped me so much. I WILL get through this! I can’t thank you enough Nadia [Wyatt]!”

“Thank you so much for everything thing that you have done for me for the last few months. I don’t know where I’d be without you!”

​“Having felt ‘LOST’ with the direction I was going in in life and in business, I felt I had no one to talk to! I went to the GP and all they wanted to do was give me anti-depressants. I chose not to go down that route. I found Nadia by a ‘google search’ and I am so glad I did. Since having my sessions with Nadia, I feel I have clarity in my life and in business. I have weekly sessions with Nadia which keeps me focused on where and what I want to be.”

“I first started seeing Nadia when I was in lower sixth. I was experiencing extreme stress, depression and anxiety and I felt that I had no one to talk to and felt alone and useless. I was pushing everyone away and was getting deeper into my depression.
I was experiencing many different issues such as my parents divorce, my family and friendships falling apart, and other issues surrounding trauma from my childhood. My first few sessions with Nadia were hard, I didn’t feel like I knew what to say or even really understand how or why I was feeling so down and anxious. But eventually I became more comfortable and started to understand myself a bit more.
She taught me mechanisms which I started to put into place, and which I still use today. With every session I started to feel more and more like myself again, and 4 years (wow!) later I am much better able to notice when I start to get low, and reach out to people who I know can support me.
Nadia gave me the confidence to do so much, I went on a month long trip to South America with my school which had seemed impossible at the start of my counselling, I went to university to study my dream degree and I am now applying to masters degrees, with the aim of eventually working overseas at my dream job.
None of this would have been possible if I didn’t have the support and confidence that Nadia gave me. So, to Nadia, I just want to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for me. You’ve helped me realise my dreams and given me the confidence to achieve what I never thought would be possible!”

“Thank you for your patience and for all you do for me! Thank you for helping me feel that I hadn’t gone back to square 1. I hope you enjoy the cupcake! I couldn’t resist it!”

“Thank you!! Thank you for everything you have done for us in the transition – from married with kids to separated – I’m so glad we chose you!”

“When I first contacted Nadia I was suffering with severe depression and coud not see any way forward. Since having counselling from Nadia, I am feeling great! I’ve stopped punishing myself. With talking to her and learning techniques to help improve the depression I now feel so much happier and in control of what happens in the future.”

“In 2009 I approached Nadia Wyatt, knowing her extensive HR experience and expertise, to assist me with my HR administration including drawing up our staff contracts, staff handbook and procedure manual. Nadia also assisted me with many HR matters that have arisen within my business and has given me invaluable advice. Nadia is extremely professional, very friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is very easy to get hold of and spends lots of time discussing withe me and advising me – nothing is ever too much for her. In 2011 I started Executive Coaching with Nadia which has helped me when focusing on various business as as well as personal objectives. I would highly recommend Nadia Wyatt.”

“We put together our company HR procedures when we started the company many years ago but hadn’t reviewed the content since and now have over 30 employees! Nadia reviewed our procedures and was able to add real value on how to bring everything up to date such as new contract terms and also highlighting a potential major problem with the company in the way we were identically treating our employees and self employed staff. We have subsequently had an issue with an employee and Nadia has been instrumental in coaching us on how to deal with the issue in the correct way so that if ultimately the employee needs to be dismissed we can do so without fear of repercussion! I have no hesitation in recommending Nadia as the HR partner for any business large or small”.

“As part of my CIPD membership I was given the opportunity to take part in an HR mentor/mentoring programme, Nadia was my HR mentor. I wanted assistance and guidance in resolving conflict situations in the workplace. Nadia used various methods including role play to help me deal more confidently with these situations. I am now a great deal more equipped in terms of my skill set, I have greater confidence and improved skills in my communication dealing with all levels of employee. I would highly recommend Nadia as a coach/mentor, Nadia is extremely professional and at the same time very personable and approachable. Nadia draws on her own personal work experiences in HR in order to help you to also achieve your goals. Thank you!”

“In 2008 I approached Nadia Wyatt, because of HR expertise to assist and advise us as the Respondent at an employment tribunal case. Nadia spent lots of time advising us on the case and preparing all appropriate documents for the tribunal. Nadia knows her subject matter well and is highly confidential. I would definitely recommend Nadia as an HR professional who specialises in assisting and advising small companies with HR matters. I have also benefited immensely from Executive Coaching sessions following on from the tribunal hearing. I am pleased to confirm that we won the case in 2009.”

“I had an HR issue where my company wanted to give me a pay cut due to my inability to do shift work which was due to a chronic illness. Life Coaching highlighted why they couldn’t do this, by explaining my contract meticulously, emphasising on the pointers that would win my battle, by showing me how to steer and guide the interview to my benefit, as well as to be confident and stand my ground in the interview with HR and my line manager. They assured me, inspired optimism, as well as a great deal of confidence within me on how to conduct the interview, with bullet points to mention within the interview as well as backup plans if things went sour, resulting in me being extremely self-assured and secure in the thought I would win my argument. I would not have been able to do this without the guidance and counselling of Life Coaching, not to mention the thought of being backed up by their vast knowledge and many years of experience.”

“I received Nadia’s coaching and guidance twice while I was searching for my dream job. In the first instance, when I had just received my employment contract offer from Aibel Group Ltd., global oil company. I needed assistance and guidance with negotiating my contract and salary. Nadia highly efficiently and timely checked my contract and pointed out areas which had to be clarified and guided me through tailored negotiation techniques in order to get the most from my contract. With Nadia’s expertise, guidance and assistance, I have been able to achieve my goals. Hence, as a result, I have received an enhanced increase on annual salary, agreed my private medical and gym membership to be covered by contract on the top of other already existing benefits. In the second instance, while I was negotiating my first contract with the oil company, another contract offer came along from Warburg Pincus, a Private Equity company. I asked Nadia once more for her expertise. Nadia again checked over my contract, gave me overview on both contracts for consideration prior to making my decision. I have been delighted to receive coaching from Nadia, and I have learnt in the process new negotiation skills and enhanced my communication skills. I would strongly recommend Nadia’s coaching assistance to anyone in need, looking to achieve their personal or business goals in life. Thank you!”

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